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The BCCI president, Anurag Thakur, will probably make an announcement in Delhi on Sunday about IPL television rights. The current rights are owned by Sony Pictures Network India (SPNI). It was a 10 years’ contract between BCCI and SPNI which will end after IPL 2017. The BCCI planned an open tender process this time for bidders for securing broadcasting rights for the IPL 2018 onwards.

It is not clear till now whether BCCI once again will sell the television rights for a period of 10 years or not. The open tender process is an act towards bringing transparency in BCCI matters. The BCCI is the biggest and richest cricket board around the world. BCCI is also famous for its different scams and match fixing scandals.

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According to previous deals both BCCI and SPNI had to decide for the next television rights right after the IPL’s 2016 season. Both parties met several times during a period of two months according to the contract policy clause. The clause said that both parties would solve the new broadcasting deal of IPL 2018 onward in 60-day period starting after IPL 2016 seasons final.


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According to the clause the SPNI have to make an offer to BCCI and BCCI is bound to reply in next 10 days for their offer. The BCCI has now decided that this time the process will be done through an open bidding which include some of the top broadcasters around the world. The IPL’s broadcasting rights deal is the world’s biggest sports broadcasting deals.

On the other hand, SPNI is not happy with this decision of BCCI. One of their officials said that SPNI worked with BCCI for last 10 years through thick and thin. SPNI worked hard for IPL and the current state of IPL is due to SPNI.

They said that SPNI invested a lot in the league and it is their right that they should once again be given the rights of IPL for next 10-years. They said that BCCI should regard their efforts towards the betterment of IPL and should consider them for future deal.

BCCI official said that SPNI should participate in an open bidding process and it might be the case that they won the rights once again for IPL season 2018 onwards.

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